GDHQ's - Developer Summit #3!

Hey guys! The THIRD Developers summit is coming on January 10th. If you don't know what the developer summit is, I have posted our previous explanation from the original post. Please be sure to RSVP so you may be awarded your Summit Attendance trophy to your account as well check your timezone settings so you see the correct time which is 5pm CST, 1/10/19 :)


Hey everyone! We’re very excited for this announcement. It’s been a very busy launch week which has resulted in many changes to the site visuals, upcoming content, courses, and events! Before we begin the references of the image chosen for the summit is posted below just in case you missed it. (Yea, that's right. Hahaha!)

(Also, a curious George reference for the hat color and size.)

With all the things going on, we wanted a change to really sit down for a moment and get your direct feedback about the site, the future changes, and overall what it is we can do for you at GameDevHQ. Of course most of you want more education, but on what topics? Are you having difficulties now? Where do you want to improve, and how can we help you do so?

Additionally this will give everyone the chance to really communicate with the entire community as a whole and really see who is up to what, talk about projects or even look into getting some help understanding concepts.

If you will be there, please sign up for the summit on the event page so we may be able to award attendance trophies.

The Ideal Summit


This is sort of experimental, but this is our ideal goal for how the Developer Summit will work:

The start date for the first ever GDHQ Developers Summit will be on Nov 1st, 2018 at 5pm CST. We can move the time if enough people comment below and let us know if this is an issue, but the 1st of each month is the goal for the date, regardless of day. (We can discuss a first Fri, Sat, or Mon of each month instead if needed depending on you guys.)

At this date each participant will jump into discord and hop into the Summit voice channel. There will be a Summit text channel for those who can’t speak, but are able to hear so we can ensure to get your comments. We very much prefer you set up in advance however the opportunity to speak instead of type as it’s an opportunity to really get used to speaking to fellow community members, but we understand if this isn't possible for some people.

We will start about ten minutes after the set time to give some room for people to be a little late and pop in without as much interruption. The summit will follow a topic schedule which will be posted a few days prior to the summit event. Here is the first summit listings much earlier as this is the first and we want your feedback to make changes prior:

  • Introductions
    • Everyone will take a brief moment to introduce themselves. This is optional, but we recommend you take a small moment to introduce yourself as you only need to do it once.
    • Each new participant in the future will have the option to use this entry to the summit to speak about themselves as we get new people into the summit. You don't have to introduce yourself again in the future, new members can read up or ask questions later about people they want info about.
    • Welcome each member who announces themselves!

What we aren't doing: “Hi, My name is Ryan - I’ve been addicted to development for a year now. I have no intention of recovery and my mom made me come here.”

  • Projects
    • We will give anyone the opportunity to talk about the project they are currently working on.
    • In following summits you can use this moment to talk about the updates or issues you might be having and people can network after the summit to help eachother out.
    • We will talk about any featured projects that may not have been brought up. We may fit in some other discussion here as well such as perhaps a reward ceremony.
  • GameDevHQ
    • Here we will give you guys the inside scoop of everything going on behind the scenes for GDHQ.
    • Our goal here is to get your feedback. So please come prepared to let us know any concerns you have, or positivity you wish to express towards where we are going with things.
    • If you have negative comments, please simply be kind. We hope the intention of negative feedback is to help us improve, and not to make efforts feel unwarranted as you guys are the primary goal and for us to ensure we go the right direction we need you to tell us where we may be going wrong.
    • Note that if you don’t like something, it doesn't mean we will always make a change, but the goal is to make changes where we can to ensure as many people as possible are happy. (We can't please everyone, but we will sure try.)
  • Conclusion
    • We will discuss the changes we will make after everyone has a moment to respond. Some changes may not be able to speak about until a later date, but we will answer what we can in the conclusion below.
    • We will then go over a brief summary of everything we discussed for any late arrivals in the form of minimal highlights
    • If no further questions will close the summit. However,
    • A small moment will be taken to net work with anyone. After the summit has closed take this time to reach out to any fellow developers you may want to help out or work with. We hope to build in more collaboration within the community!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly for the first run so we can continue to do this type of event. By the end of it you will have had the opportunity to get feedback about your own project, and voice any concerns or positive feedback for GDHQ, and overall grow with the community. Please leave a comment below on what you think about the event and if you’ll be there! You can also find this in the Events section of the website.

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    • I would like to attend this summit, but it is too late for me. Pity :(

      If it would be 5-6h earlier, that would work for me.

    • Dang, I wanted to attend this one (January 10th) but I'll be at work.

    • I will be attending as well:) always fun!

    • Will there be a summary posted about the summit? I was unable to attend.

    • I will attend this one. Will take an afternoon nap to make sure I am there tonight, bright as a spark.

    • Hi Ryan, I will be attending to the summit. I know I have been missing the blogs after dreamHack. The project I'm working on had me completely absorbed. Today I'm doing a test getting ready for (I hope) final deployment on Monday.

    • Is this a SCAM? Sounds too good to be true ; )

    • Sorry I wasn't there at the start. Being in a company that is bankrupt...having to continue to work, getting no pay...really takes the wind out.

    • Sunday’s are best for me. Won’t be able to make it to this one but look forward to hearing about it. Work is my curse. 😒

    • Hi, like Nuke, 7pm is 2am for me, but it is ok. I will go to sleep earlier and snooze afterwards. I would prefer that summits happen on a Friday or Saturday, then I can sleep in. I know it isn't always possible. I am flexible, let me know and I will fall in.

    • This sounds great! The time works as well. Gives time to get home from work and get ready. Thank you!

    • I like that Idea as well. The only problem is the timezones.

    • I love the idea and I appreciate the effort to create a TRUE open and collaborative community!!
      As for me, my timezone corresponds to 2 am and I'll probably be sleeping (...if my little pests decide to sleep instead of waking up crying in the middle of the night ..)

      It would be nice to think of a "post-meeting" written, liek a some sort of report on what was discussed, even brief and short, to give the opportunity to those who can not follow the "live event" to be informed about what has been said.

      • Hey nuke, we plan to provide a small brief overview when its completed as an article on the site. What times work for you? if its 7PM CST and thats 2AM for you, can you do midnight or is that too late? That would make it 5pm CST