Code Quality

“Code Quality” - By Tomate_Salat

Hey everyone!

Our user Tomate_Salat is an avid writer in our blog section. Often you can find tons of unique resources coming from him. Today, we bring up his tutorial on Code Quality.

Tomate_Salat uses his experience as a professional java developer to provide us some insight on how to organize and write your code, creating a more professional readable quality.

He goes over how to decide when to start a new method, and how to keep them short.


“My recommendation here is "use" single-line comments. In over 90% they are a sign for: You need a method! Because mostly they are just describing what the next code block is doing.” - Tomate_Salat on methods.

Additionally provides information on how to treat your parameters to help with preventing bugs,


“A very easy way to create bugs if you don't do it. Specially when you have huge methods.” - Tomate_Salat on parameters as constants.

And a few other components are added as well! I’m confident anyone who is seeking a professional outlook should take a peek at this awesome tutorial, as well any other listings from Tomate_Salat.

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You can find the original article here: Code Quality , make sure to let him know what you think! Thanks for reading, and see you guys later!