GameJam Development Process

Development Process of Game Jams - By Dani Marti.

Hey everyone, today we’re going over a pretty well known developer in our community. He’s known for his extensive detail and tutorials on his own projects, as well his entries to various game jams. As such we’re happy to take a look inside the development process of danimarti .


“Since I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a couple of GameJams, I thought sharing my process could be helpful for other aspiring game developers.” - Dani Marti

In Dani’s breakdown he uses the example to his most recent entry with us at GameDevHQ called “Meteor Shower”. In this game you control a small ship scouring a planet for meteors to rid them from potentially destroying the planet with radioactive energy. Or so that’s my interpretation.


In this title you are accompanied by the humor of a small alien guide who always has something to say. You can play the title here: ( ).


"Time to fulfill my true purpose in life. Mindnumbing Menial Labor" - Alien Guide, in Meteor Shower.

In Dani guide, he follows a simple itemized flow of information that builds what can be compared too as a Game Design Document. The break down follows these guidelines:



Core Gameplay Mechanics Brief

Project Description

Story and Gameplay



Assets Needed


Dani takes you through everything from setting goals to ensure the scope of your project is acceptable, all the way down through finding ideas through available assets, and finalizing the project with Refinement and Polishing.

“Without further ado” as Dani says, you can find this extensive guide and its entire index (yes, it has an index!) right here: ( My Creative Process For GameJam Competitions ). Please be kind enough to let Dani know what you thought of his outline, and we hope you enjoy the read.

If you're interested in more work by Dani Marti, you can check out his website directly here: ( ). You can expect to hear more about him in the future as he gets closer to completion of his project Crumbling World.

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