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The Asylum - Nascent reality

Hey everyone, we wanted to introduce you guys to a project that didn't make it in time to the game jam due to some “fun” circumstances, and talk a little bit about the developer behind the now caught up project. (Play it here: The Asylum )

Though it didn't make it in time to be submitted for the game jam, she continued its development due to the effort put in. For that, we shine the light to give an opportunity for review of “The Asylum” by Nascent Reality and the interesting turn of events that led to it’s hindered completion.

Life Getting in the way


While it’s always important to plan your time, it’s impossible to plan for… well, your walls collapsing? Haha, Nascent Reality also known in our discord simply as Ryann ran short on time when her son got curious about what would happen if all the bathroom water was turned on and plugged up. The result is the image above.

Yikes! You can read the entire story of how it happened and the end result here ( Life got in the way ) where Ryann goes through the gritty details. Pretty wild, but I’m glad to hear everyone is okay and surprised to see that the project was continued and finished!

For the project itself, I have yet to fully play The Asylum. For those not aware it was agreed that I won't be playing any of the title for the game jam prior to the reward ceremony to be aired on 10/21/18. It’s possible my review will happen prior to seeing this community entry however, so I may come back and add my review.


The reason this agreement is made, was because our theme for this months game jam was Jump Scares, and we want the fear to be real and live! With the passion continuing to purch Nascent reality to continue the game though not being able to finish on time, I can only imagine what I’m in for.

This game will be reviewed with the rest of the title, though it is exempt from receiving any prizing. You can review the game yourself directly, here: The Asylum

Before you hop away to go check out the spooky title, we spoke to Ryann a bit about what brought her here to start the development dream chase:

If you’re anything like me then you might have to lift your jaw up off the keyboard as this was totally an unexpected background. Ryann spent time creating content for second life for many years prior to finding her way into the heavy interest of VR.

We hope this means in the future that this dream will come to life, especially with the upcoming release of a VR course which should push that dream just a bit closer. We wish you the best of luck on this endeavor, and of course the community is here to help where we can!


Nascent Reality still continues to build its brand, and online presence. A name like this of course has equally an interesting meaning:


“...Nascent means: " just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential" and that's exactly how I feel about VR. I felt Nascent Reality would work well for whatever VR/AR/MR/XR evolves into….” - Ryann when explaining the meaning behind the brand.

We hope you take the time to visit Nascent Reality and check out her listed projects as she continues to progress. Please take a moment of kindness to leave feedback regarding the project “The Asylum” and let her know you played it!

Thank you Ryann for letting us reach out to you about this project, and we look forward to talking more about your brand in the future, and to what you make next!

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