Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials - By Nuke.

Hey everyone, today we take a look at another awesome project that stemmed from a game jam entry originally called “Hazardous Materials”. While the project has reached a finished state and been put in the play store for review, the developer behind the title known as Nuke, states it may not be considered a total complete project.

Before we take a look at more intention of the project, let’s actually give it a brief run through. To follow along, feel free to download it from the android play store here: ( https://play.google.com/store/…ukeita.HazardousMaterials ). Be sure to leave a review of what you think of the title to help Nuke further his development path!


Hazardous Materials was a game jam entry prior to the development of GameDevHQ.com. The game is very simple in function. Simply place a touch on the left or right side of the screen to move the player from one tube to the next in attempts to collect material as it falls.

Collect up to 3 materials before being full, and turn them in, to collect points. The more points you collect the more power ups offered. Power ups will appear under your score on the top right of the screen. Tap that area of the screen to claim the power up.

You can also tap the high score area to open the menu to pause or exit the game.

With the title comes fun quirky background music and sound effects, and the title clearly has potential. Nuke knew however that there is room for improvement and began progress on his

next title to sequel the original and follow up with feedback the community has provided in various outlets to ensure a successful completion to the ambitious project of Hazardous Materials 2. Additionally a second project is picked up called Petru the boxer.


“Hazardous Materials 2 is the sequel to the first game (created for the fifth community game jam)

The idea came after a series of additions that I wanted to implement but that for the sake of time could not be there in the first game. (as well as all the feedback and suggestions from those who tried the first game)” - Nuke talking about the upcoming changes.

Nuke has teamed up with what appears to be a very talented artist to start sketching the future for his projects. We hope you take the time to apply additional feedback to his initial mobile game to help him continue striding forward to his future.

You can see the plans in store for Hazardous Materials 2, and Petru the boxer directly here: ( A bunch of projects... (or hopes..) ). Be sure to stop by and toss in any feedback you think can assist.


“Together with my dear friend Filippo, we thought of a story, of characters and a context that was "background" to the game. A part of inspiration came on the possibility of varying the gameplay and then having the same game but being able to play it differently. From here we think to use 3 different characters, which are present in the sketches that I posted.“ - Nuke talking about his new team member.

Thanks Nuke for giving us the opportunity to talk about your project and wish you future success! Be sure to keep your eyes open for more progress on the titles coming out from this ambitious developer.

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