Game Jam #1 - Winners!

Official Game Jam #1 - Winners!

Thank you everyone who participated in our first official game jam through We hope you enjoyed the tools available during the game jam to help keep track and make your submissions! Let’s jump right into it! *Queue the Intro*

(You don’t need to watch the intro, I just thought it was funny. Carry on to the submissions!)

- The Moth Maze -


The Moth Maze by TheTurtleKing, though rather simple holds a few unique charms to it that I felt was worth bringing to the lamp light, pun intended. The game is a simple maze with a game over function of “dont hit the walls”, or else be screamed at by humans and swatted.

Though the moth theme doesn't fit the theme to jump scares, the loud shrill certainly gets you the first time you hear it, and of course the image displayed is hilarious. For context, Thomas is a facebook friend of mine that wanted to get involved with game development.

With that of course he used our history to fuel the perfect meme which resulted in a picture of me, and badly photoshopped jon over an old picture of mine with an ex girlfriend. That is absolutely hilarious.

On top of this, the concept of using a maze that is confusing and winding, with each wall wearing a collider to prevent progression when a mistake is made isn't usually an easy feat. At least it wasn't for me when I tried something similar a few months back. I haven't had the moment yet to reach out to TheTurtleKing to figure out his method for the maze wall detection. The potential complexity of that felt the need to be rewarded! Congrats to Thomas, aka TheTurtleKing for third place!

If you want to see the ridiculous game, check it out here:

“Where is my mom?: Nightmare”


Our second place goes straight to a follow up rendition to Romi ‘s previous game jam submission called “Question” (…meDevJonGameJamSix/368067 ).

This new rendition keeps the same creepy factor of traveling through an area which is now an open forest, and trying to survive the multiple jump scares. My first run through I forgot to turn on the sound, but when I turned around to see if I could go the opposite direction I was greeted by massive hairy spiders.

They weren't able to murder me luckily, and they were also not fond of me trying to use them as a mount to explore the forest! I was soon greeted after by the ghost of potentially my mother in the game where I pursued the ghost and was met with various scares.

The one that got me the most was a piano which sounds ridiculous, because it is! Totally awesome, and loved the footsteps as well that were following me. The sound of that threw me off multiple times looking around in panic.

Congrats to Romi on second place for the good scare, the awesome terrain and sound effects. I hope to see mountable spiders in the future. Kidding of course!

To play the game and run from spiders, check it out here:

- Night is Long -

Finally of course we reach our first place title, “Night is Long” created by both Hagyto and GamerUrso! This title takes on the story of - well, me!

Apparently my crap car broke down in a rainstorm outside a terrible haunted looking mansion and I decided to just go on in! I know I've seen enough horror movies to have the insight of what’s going to happen next.

While inside the mansion, my job is to run around and collect keys which are oddly shaped into a familiar monkey's head which is awesome as it is hilarious. The keys are used to unlock individual doors, and inside each new room is potentially another key to continue finding my way through the mansion.

Occasionally a ghost or other apparitions and sounds will appear and completely scare the crap out of me. I think my favorite scare out of this was the giant train shooting through the hallway in the upstairs room. The loud booming train noises and the extremely bright object floating through completely broke the darkness and blindsided me into a jump. It was awesome.

Unfortunately we were met with a bug in the bathroom, where after collecting the key I could no longer move forward. This stopped us early, but I intended to go back and finish getting all the keys later on. In the meantime however, congratulations to the two man team. A well deserved victory!

You can play the title here:

Congratulations again to the winning submissions, and to all of our members who entered the game jam! Don’t forget on November 1st we will being doing our first ever Developers Summit!

The next game jam details will be announced during this event, and in the meantime you can see the full stream and my screams on our youtube here:

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