Developers Summit #1 - Summary

Hey everyone, The Developers Summit was an awesome success! In this article we will touch briefly on some of the conversation.

Be sure to join us next month for the next Developers Summit to talk about your upcoming projects, goals, and to get your feedback regarding GDHQ directly to us to discuss openly with the community during this event.

We’re super excited to hear everyone's opinions on GDHQ, what’s coming, and how we’ve been doing, and really taking the opportunity to get to know you guys on a more personable level. I can’t believe some of the backgrounds you guys have and the stories that brought you here in the first place.

I truly hope the future of GDHQ helps everyone obtain those goals and dreams, and this first Developers Summit was a massive step towards the right direction. Without any further sappiness, let us discuss the changes coming around the corner.

  • Discord Support Changes

This is one of the biggest pieces of the conversation during the Summit. While discord support is clearly an easy way to DIRECTLY get live help, it also creates a unique issue of preventing the forum from being used.

When the forum isnt getting used, then the website doesn't get used. If this happens, we can’t be here 1, 2, 3, years from now. We obviously Love discord and don’t want to remove it, but the summit attendees all understand that website usage is important for the future moving forward to ensure we are able to keep providing education, and keep providing content, and keep putting your skills to the test.

We discussed after the Summit a possible solution to this bending area. We think the best solution is rather than the previously mention of removing discord support channels entirely, we will use the discord help sections to provide links to your questions.


When you need support, you make your support request on for example: Programming .

Once your request is made, it adds to an RSS feed. This RSS feed I will then feed into the help channels based on the topic (course 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, ). This automatic feed pull is only hypothetical, and the RSS feed limitations may cause issues, so this is going to be tested.

In the meantime, simply take the link from your post and toss it into Discord. The people who are available and interested in solving development questions will get your link this way and help you out as usual. We are hoping to remove this extra step of manually posting the link as soon as possible, but in the meantime your assistance is requested to ensure it gets posted.

We really want to differentiate the use of and Discord. Discord should be where we all hangout and talk about things, but is where we should be going to further our education, prepare our portfolios, and get support assistance. We love everyone understood this during the Summit, and of course if you have further concerns just let us know. Feel free to just comment.


The Plus and Pro membership systems are coming. A lot of you have seen the membership sections of the site (on accident of my part, but this has been fixed since the summit).

The Plus membership will allow you to have a custom title (See Al Heck for his custom title, “C4D Master” as an example). It removes limitations from Blogs, allowing you to make as many different blog categories and articles as you’d like as well uplifts the project count to your profile.

The Plus Membership also introduce Group creation. Groups let you build your own niche community within the community. Or you can even build your game studio internally. Each group gets its own page, own forums, own poll system, and their own little paradise space for their group. Use this feature to make community ideas, or further your professional goals.

Other things like the Forum tag so others know you’re a supporter of GDHQ, and Signature restrictions uplifted to allow images and things of that nature.

The last thing on the list of GDHQ+ Membership is the GDHQ Loot! Once a month a loot crate will be released to the Plus members supplying a chunk of assets from our File base for you to keep and use in your projects! Below is Octobers Loot Crate as an example, but the membership system wasn’t ready to go in time. Below is an example of what you can expect for following loot crates.


The GDHQ Plus membership will provide you with tons of awesome website based tools and rewards. It will let you show off that you’re a supporter for GDHQ, and you’ll get some tasty treats in our monthly loot crate.

You can expect the GDHQ Professional however, to include everything in Plus with more tools towards the professional side of things. We will touch more on this in the future as we get closer to releasing it.


  • Calendar link has been added as “Events” under the Community menu.
  • Membership rules have been applied, now hiding the membership section.
  • The GDHQ+ and Pro memberships are finalizing development.
  • The community section will highlight efforts from the community, and feature content.
  • New Video content will release x3 a week. Tutorials, and Game Dev News.
  • New courses coming around the corner. (VR Course, Unity C# Survival Guide)


Thank you wholeheartedly everyone who appeared for our first ever GameDevHQ Developers Summit. With your continued help we can ensure that GameDevHQ will be here providing you with Game Development Education, Online tutorials, News, and Updates regarding the Game development world for the future to come.

Our next GDHQ Developer Summit will be held on December 1st, Saturday at 5PM CST. Don’t forget to check the events and RSVP here:

We look forward to all the upcoming releases and changes, and to our members for more feedback. Let us know how we’re doing in the comments!