Unity C# Survival Guide - Coming Soon!

Unity C# Survival Guide Reveal

Hey everyone, we’re pleased to announce our next course coming early November, The Unity C# Survival Guide!

The Unity C# Survival Guide is beyond just a course. The survival guide is a tool. This tool is designed to provide you with the knowledge, and practice, to retain the information you need to survive the industry using C# with Unity.

When needing to find information online, it’s difficult to simply find the components of the C# language in a professional environment. Additionally it is difficult to find an expert you can trust, with all of the information in one place.

Never worry about searching between various channels for components that you need to survive the C# language within Unity. This is the Survival Guide you don’t just deserve - It’s the guide you need.

The Survival Guide provides you every piece of the C# language and how it functions. The Guide can then be used as a reference during development to go back to any concepts of C# that you may have forgotten over time.

If you’re a student, or a professional - and you don’t have the Unity C# Survival Guide, good luck out there.


The world of game development is a scary place when you’re learning online. Even with a community, each lesson can only go so far. Because of this a solution was put into motion to try and supply you with the tools to succeed being a self taught developer.

When our very own Jonathan Weinberger began his journey as a self taught developer, there was many pieces of information he was unable to find and had to dig deep to get his answers. That difficult journey is what brought him into teaching so he can provide the world the information he never had starting out.

Finally the opportunity to solve this ongoing problem being a self taught developer can be solved, with the new Unity C# Survival Guide! Getting straight to the point with C# and it’s use, you can use the Survival Guide as a reference tool during your development to fall back on when you get stuck or just need to brush up.

This guide can also be used as a supplementary course to any of our previous and future courses. Using the Survival Guide will help ensure smooth understanding of future concepts. You can even use it for other courses out there, and random tutorials you may find on the internet. Because of the guides content, it applies to everyone.

Join us for this journey into game development, and with the Unity C# Survival Guide we can work together to reach our goals. Below is a small snippet of the course contents. (Note this is only a broad snippet and is not the complete list of the course contents.)

Unity Section - All things Unity (Inputs, collecting objects, Script Communication, Pausing your game, etc.)

Abstract Classes - Forcing Inheritance and creating maintainable templates for your programs.

LINQ - Access your game data the most efficient way!

Design Patterns - Build Intelligent software with design patterns like Object Pooling, Singletons, and Observers.


The course takes everything about development apart, and this reference guide will get you even further into your development passion. We’re so confident in this course that we are giving it away for free to GDHQ Plus members! More information soon to come on this as we continue finalizing the membership program for members who wish to support us for the future.

We hope you look forward to the new courses release as much as we do. We will keep you updated for the launch. We’re expecting to send it out during November! Thanks for reading, and see you all later!

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