Hanley Takes the Unity Exam!

A Unity Certified Developer - Hanley.

It’s not every day we run across someone recently pushing to further their passion for game development into a career. Recently our very own member hanleydev completed his Unity Certificate! Who is Hanley? Well that’s what we’re here to talk about!

Hanley has been developing on and off for about two years! As a developer, his long term goal is to continue developing his portfolio and utilizing the various platforms and technologies in the industry. In the meantime however, getting that solo project out the door and learn more about the various revenue building strategies for indie developers.

As per all indie developers it seems, there is an underlying goal. That goal? Build the next MMORPG! However Hanley has a secondary goal, and that is to build a Tactics inspired PvP Games. In fact Hanley feels he is ready to prepare his dream project of a Tactics Inspired game, and perhaps we will get more info pulled from him in the future regarding this project! (Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink. Spill the beans Hanley!)

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While Hanley already has two years of experience being a developer, he was able to suck up enough research a week prior to taking the exam and pushed even harder the weekend before to ensure he was ready for it.

Obtaining this certificate was a personal achievement for Hanley. He has struggled in the past with tertiary education after leaving high school, so this exam was to prove to himself that he's perfectly capable of it.

Recently a change has happened creating a new sign up process. Hanley states that previously some countries were only able to complete the exam by attending a Unite conference! Though this is no longer required, Hanley took the extra steps and went to attend Unite Melbourne and take the exam on site.

We asked Hanley the directions for others to sign up as well.

“To sign up and register for the exam, browse to the Pearson VUE website and search for Unity. Select your exam, select a date and time and pay. On the day of your exam you can come back to Pearson VUE and install the online proctor software and sit the exam. “ - Hanley explaining the sign up process.


Hanley managed to go out and take this exam on his own, with a week of preparation and two years of experience backing him up. What we want to know is how hard this certificate was for someone with experience like Hanley.


“Aside from finding a handful of questions difficult (Lighting/Audio), I believe I could have passed without any preparation due to the experience i've gained over the past 2 years. If I recall correctly I scored Above Average in most categories, with only Lighting and Audio being Below Average. The pass mark being 500/700 (or 70%) gives a bit of wiggle room and knowing that reduces some pressure.” - Hanley

It seems that the experience is what sold him forward. We’re happy to hear that he passed above average in his exam! When Hanley attended for the exam, there was about give other younger students there. Hanley believes most of them were part of a University course, tailored to game development. The Proctor was a teacher and knew all the other students. This must have been slightly nerve wrecking for a moment, but the exam results says Hanley got his head in the game.


“If you want to break into the industry as a Unity developer, or just get it for some pride, it’s very well worth it.” Hanley says.

Let this be encouragement for all of our other community members to not only take the exam, but attend Unite events!

Be sure before doing so however, that you understand the core basics of Unity and using the Unity editor. Hanley recommends taking “The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity (or the whole bundle)” to get enough information to be successful in the exam. His words, not ours! We’re awesome to hear these courses helped him ensure his certificate, and we hope it helps others in the future as well. Additionally Hanley recommends getting some background in Audio, Animation, and Lighting with Unity.



Now that the certificate has been obtained what’s next for Hanley?


“This answer could have been very different just two months ago. I recently was headhunted into a challenging and very fulfilling role. If that had not have happened I would have networked at Unite Melbourne and used the exam as stepping stone to enter into the industry full time. I had also planned on taking time off my previous job to work out of Melbourne's The Arcade and work alongside game development companies. For now, I will casually look to work on solo projects.” - Hanley

This is an absolute powerful stepping stone for Hanley. We’re excited to see where all of this takes him, and glad to hear that he managed to be headhunted into something fulfilling. After all at the end of the day, our goals are all the same - to do what we love, and it’s great to see stories like this. We hope to follow up with Hanley in the future to see how things turned out for him chasing those dreams, and working on that super secret MMO project like we all want someday, haha!

Any tips for our fellow community members, Hanley?

“The Unity exams are now being run through Pearson VUE, which I believe has allowed changes to the exam format. In the lead up to the exam I called upon social media to read up on everyone elses experiences in the past few years. Fortunately the Pearson VUE experience is better for the student.

The exam is still 100 multiple choice questions selected from a pool of 500, but it is no longer broken down into categories in alphabetical order. This used to be difficult for some as the first category was Animation and if you didnt have a good start it would be demoralizing.

Now with the new exam the questions are all shuffled and are not in category order. This FELT easier than I imagine it used to be, however it's still the same questions from the same pool. Also ensure you read the question a few times before answering. Sometimes the key to the answer is the wording of the question.”

That’s certainly important. The recent changes have entirely altered how the exam is taken and where questions are pooled. These changes all appear positive, and hopefully Hanleys tip helps some of you out there.

Thank you so much Hanley for letting us get to know your experience with taking the exam, and thank you to the readers out there for taking the time to check out his experience.

Make sure to stop by and give a congrats to Hanley in discord, or post on his wall here: https://gamedevhq.com/user/234-hanleydev/. Later my dudes!

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