GameDevHQ Goes to DreamHack Atlanta!

We interrupt our usual Community post today with an exciting announcement! GameDevHQ will be attending Dreamhack, Atlanta!

Dreamhack is as they say, “Everything gaming under one roof.” From Gaming Tournaments, to live concerts, and massive LAN parties - The largest even.

More importantly, why is GameDevHQ going here? Our very own Jonathan Weinberger will be attending as a Judge to their Indie Game Pitch competition! The Indie Game Pitch is a competition between indie game developers to obtain investors.

Dreamhack states the Indie Game Pitch will have multiple rounds:


“In the first round of the competition, you’ll present and be critiqued by our panel of judges followed by a one-on-one session. You’ll receive expert feedback on how to get investors and publishers interested. In a second round, you’ll pitch again but this time in front of a live audience and for a $2,500 Prize!”

GriefHelm - A game by Johnny Dale, featured for Dreamhack.

We’re super excited to have the opportunity to be on the judges table. While Jon takes a look at what’s cooking for these up and coming titles, I will be scouring the floor looking for the opportunity to get some “Behind The Scenes” of what it was like getting to this point for developers.

Check out the entire list of developers to appear here: (…ie-zone/indie-playground/ ).

Expect on our return a ton of information regarding how even YOU can reach the next steps of an Indie developer and work towards your career goals as an Indie Developer and beyond. We will be doing our best to meet as many people as possible to get their insight and bring it to you here at GameDevHQ to further push your development Journey.

We’ll have more news about this soon as I meet up with Jon in Atlanta to ensure you guys are able to keep up with this epic adventure and get the best insights on your future in development. Thanks for reading, and see you guys again soon!

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