Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 - P1 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! Now that I've had some time to rest, I'm hard at work filtering through footage and getting you guys the details. This is just a brief reminder that we haven't forgotten about you and all the information is quickly around the corner.

We will be sending out a series of videos demonstrating the entire event at Dreamhack during the Holiday week. Happy thanksgiving to everyone, and a special shout-out to Eddie for joining us through the entire event. We cant believe a student showed up just to hang out with us the whole weekend and talk about the future.

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The upcoming videos will feature some special developers who share a journey similar to our own community, as well taking a look at the nonsense that ensued during the event. We look forward to finishing this project up and shipping out to you guys for our first ever experience like this. We hope you enjoy the valuable information as much as we enjoyed obtaining it.

Take a brief rest from development, go see your family and enjoy this holiday week. When you get back, we will have an awesome journey here waiting for you. Happy Thanksgiving to every last one of you and we hope you get plenty of rest and full stomachs. See you guys soon!

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    • It was always a dream of mine to go to Dreamhack back when it was only outside the US. As soon as I moved from Denver they hosted it there. Then ATL was announced when I knew I would have a 2 month old haha. Terrible luck. That just means when I do go to DH, I will be a Developer and not a gamer! Look forward to the content guys. Hope you had a blast!