Patient Zero.5

Starting as a developer is hard. Deciding what your goals are, and why you're here is even farther. It's not everyday we have the opportunity to see the spark in someones mind about a new goal as a developer, let alone so openly. We're proud to see this opportunity sprout in the form of a spark to one of our members that you likely already know from her continuous project progression in our Game Jams.


"The concept of Patient Zero.5 was born out of envy and challenge."

"The above sentence will stop some people in their tracks. Envy? Challenge? Yes, envy and challenge, because I saw other game developers move on to their next big project and I had ... nothing ... a big, round zero." - Romi, Explaining the project and goal.

Congratluations to Romi for finding that spark. Check out Romis new project goal here: DevLog #1 Darkness was upon the face of the downtrodden and the helpless ... and see the continued progress. Please stop by and provide some feedback, or perhaps assist if spots are available.

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    • Hey Romi,

      Be sure to let us know if there are assets out there that can help you on your development. I'm building as much as I can and am trying to fill all roles, but I'll be sure to try to get your asset requests from filebase in as well!

      • Hi Al, thank you very much. I will message you personally about the main story line. There is something I need for the game.

    • Best wishes for the development of your project. Romi !!

      I hope to see your work soon !!

      • Thank you Nuke. I love this project. It may have started with "negative sounding" feelings, but it turned into something fun, creative and interesting. I will update my progress over the weekend.