Hey everyone! One of our goals with the upcoming streaming/live content was to poke at upcoming Indie titles. This one in particular comes from Barehand Studio, called Cede. In Cede you play as a character named Seph, and his companions the "Lil' Bois".

You work together to plant seeds across the land and create vegetation. To do this you will need to pummel your way through hoards of enemies so your Lil Bois can create awesome plants that give you life or become a turret.

You can find details to the scheduled live stream for Tuesday, at 6pm CST - here:


The title was made in Unity and is still in it's early stages. Access to the Alpha is available on their website at which we will be playing during tomorrows live stream and talking a bit about what we think may have been how it was created, and some of the logic behind it as well possibly discuss bugs we may find and how we would go about implementing our own workarounds.

You can see the trailer for the game here:

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