Save & Load with Unity

Hey everybody! The next tutorial is up and out. Jon shows an in depth look at saving and loading, and managing your data. It's a pretty intermediate walk through, but as usual Jon explains it piece by piece. It's super helpful information and we hope you found value in it.

Enjoy the video below:

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    • Can I directly save a variable that is a list of inventory items? If not, what is the best way to serialize/ deserialize this type of data so I can save the inventory my player has at any given point in time?

    • So glad you did this Jonathon. Been looking forward to something like this for quite some time now. Thank you

    • Learned, thank you~ UI is very beautiful, can I get it?

      • That UI is for the game Crumbling World by Dani Marti, which isnt available. However I do not know if asset packs were used, were they danimarti ?

    • Hey, do you think you could implement some way to 'bookmark' certain articles on the site? I think it would be really helpful for articles like this that have tutorials. And being able to bookmark it on THIS website itself would help keep things organized. Maybe a "Bookmarks" section in the Profile Control Panel or something?
      I'm asking because this is really useful information but I'd like to revisit it later when I know more about the topics talked about in this video.

    • Yo! Love the new intro!

    • Thank you Jon.. I was reading through the Player Prefs on the unity site learning how to implement saving the state of the player on a game. This new video came very handy. Thanks again, Eddie

    • Thank you Jonathan.