LIVE! - Experimental, Student Development! (6pm cst)

Hey guys, I know this one is a little last minute for those who weren't aware from last stream - Our second stream event on Thursdays is a bit of an experiments that we we'rent 100% sure on how well it will go, causing some downtime on my end to ensure I'm ready for it.

The goal for this stream is for us to get together on a live feed to build a game. I'll be strictly relying on lessons I've learned from Jon, and the Unity Scripting Manual. We will come up with an idea for a game to build together, and start generating the pieces live and working out the bugs together using different debug methods.

How far we get is up to the community. It could be a flop, and we end up with a half end project, or together we build a real project that we can put out there for free for people to play and see what the community does with their heads put together. Let's show em what we got, and learn a lot about development along the way.

The first go at it launches tonight at 6pm cst - you can find the stream here:

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