LIVE: Student Research Day 2

Untitled Endless Runner, Boss Fights.

Hey everyone, the vote for the Live Development experiment has ended and the winner is clear, to be an endless runner which include boss fights. A brief description is provided on how getting to the boss works, but I went ahead and started sketching things out a little more.

If you don't know what this is referring too, every Thursday I will be streaming a development session where I'm studying and applying practices with the community. We'll build a project, and share our own tips and tricks that we've picked up ourselves and see who can google faster when problems arise, haha.

Originally I planned to do a full GDD, but I figure I needed more time with Unity and less paper work so instead I used this thing I found online called the One-Page GDD which is a summary. I found it while looking around for good templates to set a GDD up and found this:…JVfmVqS_YOGFWnnwfh-A/edit

Source: (


It seemed pretty neat to give it a shot, and I was able to go through it quick enough that I feel like the concept of the game is understandable by reviewing this sheet. It ended up a bit more than a single page, but for a rough sketch it was pretty neat. We will of course be changing a ton of it, as I just made these concepts on the fly and we will confirm or remove or add features we want to see in the game upon conversation for the live stream. So if you want your vision into this fun project be sure to be at the live stream.

I've posted the brief Doc below so you can get an idea for how I think the game concept can be implemented, and actually be fun. Take it all with a grain of salt however, as this is by no means exactly what we will be making and is just to set a foundation for discussion on what we SHOULD actually do. Give it a read through, and we will see you guys at 6PM CST Today!

Game Identity / Mantra:

Post apocalyptic aftermath about a human upgrading a mech to fight off the AI which took over the planet.

Design Pillars:

Fast Paced, Boss Fights, Action

Genre/Story/Mechanics Summary:

This game will be an endless runner in a city destroyed by mecha units. The player will dodge debri and collect ammunitions or parts for their mech while scavenging the city in order to defeat bosses.


Players can shoot debris to move it or dodge it by switching lanes. Users will need Ammo and parts in order to defeat the boss.

Players will pick up the GPS of a boss, and be given a goal to collect a certain amount of parts and ammo required to defeat the boss like a bounty board.

Once at the boss the player will need to use a rock paper scissor like function to fire off the correct weapons in the correct order to defeat the boss. Wrong attacks hurt the player, and mis timed attacks can get you hit by the boss.

Bosses required parts and ammo will randomize or increase each loss, but not the bosses functions or health so if you lose and have to restart you can learn their moves over time.

Bosses will have functions that focus on preventing being hit, different ammo patterns. For example having grenades shot at you, quickly tap them to shoot at them to prevent them from reaching you.

Defeating bosses provides unlocking new mech slots. The parts you collect not only go towards boss fights, but upgrading what weapons you can use on your mech, making new weapons appear on the battlefield.

For example:

Boss 1 requires 100 machine gun ammo, and 30 parts to build an explosive. Boss 2 requires 50 machine gun ammo, 25 mini-rockets, and 20 parts to build an explosive. Your mech only has 1 slot for a machine gun. To unlock a second slot take down Boss one to get schematics about mini-rockets. Now you can fight boss 2 because you have rockets. You will change your loadout in the future to match boss requirements. (actual boss won't use this though. Notes state plans for boss at the bottom) Parts will also be used like currency to use schematics earned.


Players will not have to control the bots forward movement. This will be a third person endless runner where the user swipes a direction to activate rocket thrusters to move left or right to quickly avoid obstacles on the path. Colliding with floating objects that contain ammo or parts will collect them.

User can tap the screen to fire forward on his current lane to destroy any obstacles they can’t dodge. This may drop ammo or parts sometimes to lower the chance of wasting ammo and parts, but not eliminating it.

During boss fights the user will tap to select an ammo type in the UI, then type anywhere else to fire. It will automatically shoot at any open areas that are weak points, so players have to learn when to tap with the right weapons that can destroy that part.

Other tapping and swiping mechanics will be used during boss fights to prevent being attacked, but no press and hold functions.

Art Style:




Things are intense and the emotion/tone of the game should be suspenseful. If compared to a music track, I found this one to give the mental image of the atmosphere:

This will also affect things like lighting etc to match the tone. More on that later.

Include links to music and sound design similar to What you're trying to achieve. You can also list the emotional responses that the sound should invoke in the player.

Development Roadmap / Important notes:

Mecha will need to be altered. Walking animation will not be default movement, instead the mecha needs to fly using the holes in its back to simulate jet engine type flight so the mech can move fast enough to be an intense game. Some areas may have walking like boss fights.

Only one full level will be made, The goal for this level will be Mech1, fights Mech2 as a boss fight. The boss fight mechanics will demonstrate 3 attack types. Shooting, shielding, and rockets. The player will need rockets to break the shield, shoot with machine gun ammo when the shield is down, and tap the screen to shoot down missles that are launched at you. Defeating the boss unlocks the shield slot.

A second level will be made to demonstrate obtaining the shield using it in a boss scene, but no new boss will be made, it will just be a clone of the level stating it’s the new level so the shield can be tested.

Development Roadmap / Launch Criteria:

Platform: Google Play Audience: Community Only

Milestone 1: Character Forward - 0/0/00

Milestone 2: Character Strafe/Swipe - 0/0/00

Milestone 4: Character Tap/Fire - 0/0/00

Milestone 5: Item Collection types (4) - 0/0/00

  • Mech Ammo
  • Rocket Ammo
  • Shield Charge
  • Mech Parts(Upgrade)

Milestone 6: UI Collection stats - 0/0/00

Milestone 7: Level 1 Designed - 0/0/00

Milestone 8: L1 Partial Procedural - 0/0/00

Milestone 9: Destroyable Objects - 0/0/00

Milestone 10: Boss Selection board - 0/0/00

Milestone 11: Boss area designed - 0/0/00

Milestone 12: Boss fight patterns (4) - 0/0/00

  • Basic Shot(Swipe)
  • Rocket (Tap)
  • Shield(Rocket)
  • Down(Attack)

Milestone 13: Mech Upgrade UI - 0/0/00

Milestone 14: Boss Reward - 0/0/00

Milestone 15: Level 2 Cloned - 0/0/00

Milestone 16: Shield Test - 0/0/00


Launch Day: 0/0/00

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