Unity Level Design - Bloodborne Inspired Level

Hey everyone! In todays video we build a bloodborne or even Dark Souls inspired level using the base Unity software. In this first part we will focus on laying down terrain, porting in the assets from our filebase, and plan the level design.

We hope you enjoy the first part of this tutorial series, and take the information to make your own awesome levels using your assets in Unity.

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    • I saw this video series and instantly thought: "Well helloooo nurse!"... Or maybe "Hellooo Silent Hill Nurse" is more apt considering the content.

      What happens when you are, indeed, working a pure urban design? We're talking cobble streets and houses.

      1. Do you still use the terrain system?
        1. If so, do you just keep it flat?
        2. If not, can you paint 90 degree angles?
      2. Can you put something other than actual "Trees" into the tree system? What if I wanted to substitute it for say, a lamp post? (Hey! It's like a tree!)
    • Love it! Discovered I love level design. I guess if you like building in Sims, you would love creating levels.

    • Love the level design stuff. Keep them coming. 😁