DevLog #5 And Dr. Anne Balfourd said, "Now the earth can sprout our creations and their seed and that seed, their own seed."

I took a 2 week break from Patient Zero.5, but are in full designing and creating mode again. I got a lot done in the past few days.

1. The infection-thirst-hunger system is up and running, food-, water bottle- and syringe pick ups can be used to lessen the effects of hunger, thirst and infection.

2. Meet our first living NPC, Jack Peterson. Created some dialogue between Jack and Jane, this in turn created an objective to be completed.

3. The beginning of a mini-map system is being put in place.

4. Added sound effects for our "zombie" creature (growls and death sound) and rat monster (hiss and death sound).

5. Decorated the place with more dead bodies, fallen beams, wires, bricks and blood decals,

6. Tweaked the lightning and dimmed it. Now your flash light can do its proper job - light your way in the darkness.

7. Finally, I have experimented with Post Processing, hope your guys see it, Not a huge fan of a lot of bloom. It hurts my eyes.

What I will be working on for the next week:

1. The mini-map system.

2. The code system on the "Freezer" door and door animation.

3. Decorating the "Freezer" ( not what you think, I promise.)

4. More dialogue.

5. Playing around more with the lightning and Post Processing.

Thank you for reading and may 2019 be a wonderful year for all of us. <3

Comments 7

  • Well, thank (insert your preferred deity) that i can follow your devlog, without preparation it may be to scary to play for me. Then again, I am easily scarred, hehe.

    It may be nice to have an indicator on the cross-hair when the weapon is able to hit (cross turns red) and also when you point on usable/collectible objects (turns green maybe), prevents the player from "frantically clicking the area"

    I am already eager to see what's lurking behind that door :)

  • ...........stop the video when it hit 2:20 when the pig came -_-.....NICELY DONE *applause* and yes i'm a scary cat a proud one :)

    • Lol, me too. One time my daughter said she saw a shadow in the game while I played, gave me the willies. I refused to work further on the game, until we discovered I backed into the lamp in the office and it created the illusion of a ghost. :)

  • No idea how easy/hard this is but I think it would be neat if the flashlight had a falloff zone. Like really bright center then fading to the edges like a real flashlight has.