Rolling with the punches

Wow a week has gone by fast! From my last blog to now a lot has happened and throughout this week, this week's lesson was how to roll with the punches. Updating Unity to 3.0 was an interesting adventure but love the new features. Unity HUB decided it was going to throw a tantrum throwing every error possible. After many attempts to rollback, reinstall unity 3.0, deleting library, and deleting the cache. I came to conclude unity hub was the enemy so it had to be DELETED. Now I got unity back to working, I have come to appreciate one of the assets I learned; backing up your project and version control. Even when unity was throwing its tantrums I knew my beloved Warforce Empire was safe :). So now that tid bit is out of my system, we can talk about my project and the latest update. Creating the enemy base was the simple part, I enjoyed putting it together and building it up. The talented artist team I am using made modular parts so you can really put your own originality in it. The AI logic on the other hand was the challenge for me. I learned a couple algorithms to use A* and Breadth First from the courses I took but decided for this game I would explore unity's built in Nav. It was quite easy to use. Everything was built in, just bake, add the agents and call the functions basically. I still have some finesse to do and fine tune the behavior of the enemies I want but its at a good prototype level. Another lesson I learned this week is prototype first to get the basics down then you can fine tune otherwise frustration and no early debugging leads to more frustration. I finished the player buildings with particle effects for when they "explode". I wish I could have got more done this week but I guess in retrospect I did do a lot. Learning how to fix unity editor, balancing life and development, taking time to be creative, and slowly working out the coding logic without anyone to hold my hand. <----- That last bit is a huge accomplishment for me. Thank you to GameDev courses for instilling me with writing out what I want to do in pseudo than working through it visually helps a lot oh and my new best friend (the scripting api).

Next weeks goals are finish the behavior on the enemies, create the UIs for each building, get the build drag and drop logic to work, finish landscape and trees, fix the sky box so it can look more like its actually nighttime and some kind of boundary that looks appealing(right now it looks like a flat plane you roll off the earth) , get the supply ui to work and update, get the camera to work (screen scrolling on edge and pinch to zoom in/out).

Until I write again, get coding, get creative, get your game on, and roll with those punches :)

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  • This looks so exciting! I see you're new to the community. Welcome :)

    • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! I took two of your courses the ultimate one and 2d mobile and I cant thank you enough for the wisdom and the habits of coding you gave me. It really helps me on my own, working through my problems/logic, and how to scavenge on the web for answers :)

    • that’s so awesome! Love hearing that :)