DevLog #6 Now Dr. Jeffrey Zonder had built a laboratory in the east, in Eden; and there he put the creature he had created.

Have been busy with a lot of personal stuff, it took a bit longer to complete all my goals I set out in devlog #5. So let's see where we stand in Patient Zero.5:

1. I am starting to think the mini map is redundant for this level, this level is too small to have a mini map be any use for it. But I did implement a map, which appear when you pick up the map in the corridor. Use "m" to activate the map. There is still a lot of things I can do with this map ... let me think on it.

2. I implemented a new "flashlight texture" and to make the flashlight a bit more realistic, I gave it a small "offset", the flashlight trying to catch up where you look.

3. The freezer door code panel is working and the freezer door has its own animation with sound effect ... still thinking about creating a small cutscene where the door opens.

Also noticed I moved slower in the room, need to take a look at the "mist" particle system.

4. Decorated "cold room" and the end corridor - the "ragdolls" will later be replaced with proper dead characters.

5. Some nitty gritty stuff - the seam of a corner wall wasn't meeting properly, corrected that. Locked the cursor in the beginning of the game.

Please be advised "01234" will NOT be the code for the freezer door panel and you will have to put in more effort to find the code :evil:

My goal/s for next time:

1. Several people suggested that the pickup objects needs something like a glow to make them more noticeable, will be working on a solution for that.

2. Will be working on "My Horrible Collection", our first item, a bloody eyeball.

3. Pause Menu needs attention to get it in a more of a working state.

Thank you for reading, have a good week ahead. <3 Romi

Comments 9

  • Looking great! Really good progress and keeping up with the devlogs.

  • Nice job, like the flashlight better now.

    I agree that you don't really need a mini-map and few FPS games I can think of use them now. Maps like you included are fun though and that extra help if required. If you want some extra help (or turn this on with another item!) have an icon of where the player is on the map.

  • Keep up the good work! Can I ask you about the door code panel? How is that view implemented? Is that a Canvas or are those standard game obejcts? How do you keep the game paused while the player is looking at it?

    • Thank you :)

      1. Door code panel has both a Canvas and standard game object:

      The door code panel as a game object in the game world with its own script to access the second door code panel part with the action key "e" which leads to an UI-Canvas door code panel with another script. Where you input the "code" and the door opens.

      2. I didn't pause the game, I manipulated the player. I set the first person controller script as inactive. By using the following code line:

      thePlayer.GetComponent<FirstPersonController>().enabled = false;

      (the player cannot move during the input of the code)

  • Hey Romi, very nice to see more progress. Keep it up. Eddie