Legends of Mythology Dev Vlog #2

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  • Looks good. Any games inspire you to make this type of game? (Sorry if this was in the vlog I couldn't hear it while at work just watch).

    • Thank you! I didn't talk about this in this vlog, maybe I should take it up for the next one =) But I do have a public design document online that you can find on my discord, which details the game a bit more.

      In regards to game inspirations, I have countless inspirations(not just games though). Games includes everything from Pitfall, Super Mario, Zelda, Castlevania to Dark Souls - just to name a few =)

    • Hey Gamblor! Just a heads-up in case you haven't seen it, I released another dev vlog in a different (much longer and more in-depth) format with subtitles(in case people can't use sound for various reasons) based on your comment.

      I reveal quite a bit of information about gameplay plans and reveal some of the early game story beats that you can encounter and explain the different choices of exploration you have right off the bat.

      I realize now that I got the site wrong in the video, my bad gamedevhq! I'm new to all these dev community sites and I mixed them up. >.<

      Anyway, it's here:
      Legends of Mythology Dev Vlog #3 Parallaxing Update + Game Design Talk

  • Looks good, like the way the player crouch. Best wishes on further development.