R: Island might be the game idea I've been waiting for all this time


As the link suggests, I started this project for a jam and decided to see it through. I thought up the plot as I went and it just sounded like an awesome idea. The version of the game I published, I gave it a short ending so that it was something playable. But there is a lot missing and I think it has the potential to be a real game. I'm wondering if I could go more pixelated or move it into 1st person 3D. I do hope to revisit this game... though I say that about all the ideas I've started


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  • I ended up on the wall, when i was in the kitchen. Is it supposed to go like that? ^^

    • heh... same here. Plays well, nice graphics! I'd also suggest tweaking the mouse controls so they're a bit slower so a player could use either the same, Really nice work.

    • lol... omg... no? I'll have to investigate. Thanks! <3

  • I like the way it looks and plays. It also starts out very spooky, which is a good thing ;) I died quickly and would love to be able to continue from where I made a mistake instead of starting over. Looking forward to where you're taking this. Keep us posted :)