One step at a time and Rome wasn't built in a day.

Hello Fellow Readers!

I know its been awhile since I last wrote. alot of real life caught up to me. My oldest got accepted into a full stem high school which is crazy and exciting. Had a birthday and got a new HUION drawing tablet. Love it. Sure makes a difference when creating assets to use versus a mouse. Warforce Empire update. Not much of one, the RTS ai behavior is going so

slow. The basic of the prototype functions well, and since this is a huge game for a mobile I'm trying to keep in mind how to deliver best performance without dipping the FPS. and making them behave how I want. I also want to implement a class script so I am not typing out the same code over and over for alot of enemies and the player troops. So not much flair to share in pictures. Just a whole alot of code and refactoring, debugging, test; then rinse and repeat. Some things I accomplished is I learned alot about events, broadcasting then having the right listeners. The importance of a clean code. And reminding myself Rome wasn't built in a day and if I want to make a worthy game it does take a while. Maybe its because I'm still new the deep coding is taking longer. But I rather spend 3 hours searching for my answer(i.e google, youtube, forums) then be spoon fed my answer. I wont grow as an developer if I get spoon fed. In the end the game I'm creating Warforce Empire will be my original game, my idea, and everything I have learned so far just from starting this big game.

My goals are finish the A.I and create timed waves to spawn enemies to patrol to the player city attack

So until then,

Get coding, Get creative, Get your game on, And take one step at a time