Idle Space Warriors- the Beginning

I feel like it's important to introduce this project properly before I dive into any works in progress to avoid confusion!


Project overview:

  • Art style: currently going with pixel art. Animated in Aseprite. Some environments in Pyxel Edit.
  • Genre: idle clicker.
  • Story overview: player is put in a hostile space environment, some player choices can be made on whether or not a combative or scientific approach is taken towards the alien life forms. More planets unlock as you progress in research. Political angle and relations to other races are under consideration but I'll need to think if it's too time-consuming to implement that. Multiple paths.
  • Structure and mechanics: player can mine and fight aliens for resources, unlocking better gear and more structures, eventually upgrade a space craft to explore distant planets with their own ecosystems and resources. Two/three screens that the player can switch between by swiping or selecting- combat screen where you can help out your troops, main screen with your buildings and resource management, then maybe third one for supply drops but these can be handled in the main screen too. Animated soldiers spawn from main screen and occasionally drop in from air.
  • Code: visual scripting (Playmaker), some coding needed for calculations (C#)- some calculations necessary in an idle game are too awkward to do with state machines.
  • Platform: Android. Test devices include Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L (Android 6.0, 16:10 aspect ratio), Huawei Honor 7 Lite (Android 7.0, 16:9 aspect ratio). Can't test for iOS at the moment.
  • Demo goals: for a demo I would like to have the initial planet with at least some buildings, resource types and few different soldiers and machinery. At least 2 enemy types (minor and major enemy). Animations for active units (I'd like to animate parts of the structures as well but this is low-priority). Estimated time for all of this would be our town's next developer gathering on the 26th of February at the latest. This is where these developer blog posts come in! The animations I expect to be the most time-consuming, as visual scripting is rather straightforward. I am not 100% comfortable with pixel animations but... it's a pretty good time to learn more!

Workflow: create the skeleton of the mechanics (building x building with y resource- building spawns z amount of soldiers over time) -> concepts for enemies and buildings -> pixel art versions -> animate -> replace placeholders

I'm currently in the mechanics part of it all, I've also done some designs and pixel art for the game as a bit of a break from learning my way around Playmaker.

So this is the beginning and the nutshell of ISW. I think the good part of an idle clicker is that you can make it as complicated or simplistic as you want. My biggest concern is also managing data in the game, as the numbers can get pretty large and they need to be ticking offline. That's one of the things I need to figure out in the skeleton part of the mechanics. The rest is really up to me how detailed I want to make the art or animations. The most important parts- artistic coherence and pleasant color schemes, with my experience I doubt I'll have any issue with those.

Current state: implementing the basic stuff, like clicking build will make buildings at the cost of 100 resource, starting out with 500. Some concept art sketching here and there.

So this is my baby, I also have the VR game but my ideas with it are a little too ambitious at the moment, I will add this project here as soon as I feel like I'm ready to tackle it. Alright, so... this is where it all starts! Thank you for reading and being interested <3

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