DevLog #7 "Dr. Anne Balfourd breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the creature became a living being."

It is that time again, blogging about my progress in Patient Zero.5. There wasn't much, but at least some.

1. Got rid of the mini map, it became totally redundant and everyone agreed.

2. Lightened my progress bar of my loading page, hopefully it will blend in better, the little bit we can see of it.

3. All survivor pick up items have a glow/ spark on them, which you can activate with the key "G".

4.The first horror item is available for pick up for the "My Horrible Collection" - an ear with "sloosh" sound effect when you pick it up.

My goal for next time is:

1. The objective of "Open Jack's door".

2. Clues and journal entries.

Thank you for reading and your helpful advice and positive criticism. <3

Comments 4

  • Damn, that's one big ass rat!

    • lol, yes, it is.

    • It's the same size like Rat from Oblivion, Elder Scrolls ^^ I guess if it was smaller, player would have problem with killing it.

      You could improve glow effect and the activation itself. When "G" is pressed it stays active and when pressed again it disables the effect, also, changing the color of it. So that it tell's the difference, for example, if object will give the player health have it glow in Red Color, radiation protection have it glow in Green color, food in Orange, ordinary objects for collection, like keys, map or "kidney" if i saw correctly can stay white and so on..

    • Thank you gobolDev. I like the idea of different colours, especially when they go together with the "slider bar colours". :)