ISW #3: The Eternal Suffering of the Imp


What's good, folks! About my eyes if you're wondering, visit to the optician went pretty well, I have a prescription for glasses that would help me a bit more in my work that contains, uhh, 99.9% staring at a screen. The other issues I had with seeing double and getting a little disoriented, well, no explaining that, since that sounds more neurological than an optical issue. It probably won't happen again... Probably.

Back to more important stuff. So I've been tinkering a little with some ideas, these will definitely change over time but I kinda wanted to see how certain color schemes work (this is not 100% ready yet, the mountains and the ground need to be finished), I've also left some room for buttons down that help to cycle through the pages and perhaps abilities as well. I wanted the first planet to be dry and dusty but the really high mountains would have the contrasting icy colors on it to make it a little bit more alive.

But overall I don't want to spend too much time on each asset at this stage because it's all very "fragile", once you're confident you have a pretty fun game you will want to change stuff most likely. That's why I threw a derpy imp there to sort of see how I'd have the cannon impact the enemy, the enemies will otherwise be much spookier. I think. I just have a lot of ideas I still need to flesh out. But it's good to have this base to throw anything on and see how it works out. It's been really fun!


I'll be dedicating a little bit more time on this project from now on, since I had to help my parents with setting up a website and designing logos and stuff (basically slave work. Just kidding, I love you).

So I'm happy that I can focus more on my own stuff.

I keep realizing how much I have to learn about making video games but for the first time it doesn't scare me but fills me with anticipation to gain knowledge. I know I'll make something fun if I give my best every day.

It's a beautiful day today, I'll go and enjoy it for a bit. Thanks for all your support on these silly posts, it's nice to know you guys care to read these. Much love.

Until next time! <3

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