DEVLOG#01 | STRIFE - Battle for the Southern Star




STRIFE - Battle for the Southern Star is a unique action packed 8-Bit style Shoot 'Em Up with RPG like elements. You must join the fight in order to save your Home Planet's destruction from an Alien threat. As a rookie pilot you will work your way through the ranks to avenge your fallen Comrades. As your level increases you will gain access to an upgraded arsenal of weapons and Ships, form strong alliances and take on a series of dangerous tasks such as strikes and rescues missions. Leave nothing in your wake in this fast paced battle for survival. You are our final hope!


About | The Developer.

Hey guys, My name is Richard Jenkins 33 years old from the UK. I have been developing in Unity for just less than a year and I am looking forward to completing my very first game. I have a huge passion for gaming and have spent quite a lot of my spare time learning how to code from scratch. I am mainly self taught and recently had the privilege of being part of of a great community over at GameDevHQ.

I am planning to do a weekly Blog post's following the development cycle of my game: "STRIFE - Battle for the Southern Star". I hope you can join me on my journey and provide me with valuable feedback. Play tests will be available at key stages throughout development cycle so please get in touch if this is something you are interested in helping me with.


Development | Why I am making this game.

As a kid from the 80's I grew up playing games such as R-type and Raiden. I spent lots of time in local Arcades where I was able to watch in awe as my brother and his friends played through a variety of titles. I wanted to stay close to my gaming roots while still interoperating modern day mechanics.

I have taken quite a lot of inspiration from modern games such as Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen and aim to bring balanced game-play while still making it challenging for the player.


Development | End of Phase #1

After completing phase one of my project I currently feel I am ready to start sharing my Ideas and thoughts on the current state and my future development plans. I have combined Space combat along with Role Playing. These are two key genres I feel work very well together and overall bring a unique style to my game. Rewarding player for completing missions and giving them a place to hang out showcasing all of their achievements.


Build | Current Features

List of core Game-play features currently implemented into my game:

User interface - Player heads up display.

Random Enemy spawning.

Player and enemy health system.

Power up drops.

In game currency system.

Space station docking area 01.

NPC's and Shops.

Weapon upgrades and Ammo Shop.


Build | Planned Features

List of features to be implemented into my game going forward include :

Character selection.
Wingmen and companions.
More playable ships with unique weapon load-outs.
Hanger area with more shops.
Boss battles and skill challenges.
More power ups.
Co-op based multi-player.
and much more....


The Future | Stay tuned for more..

Development has now reached Phase two. What happens next? I will first be focusing on my game world adding new areas to the space station along with many new enemy types and weapon upgrades. When will this phase complete? I am hoping to have phase two completed by the end of March 2019.

To stay updated please check back weekly for more updates.
I will be adding links to our social media shortly. I would really appreciate you feedback and will be happy to answer your questions down in the comments.

If you would like to support the Development of STRIFE please get in touch.

Thanks for reading :)