DEVLOG#06 | STRIFE - Battle for the Southern Star


DEVLOG#06 | Enemy Flight Paths and Bullet hell mechanics.

Hey guys, Just another super quick update regarding Enemy flight paths and bullet hell mechanics. I have just reached a new milestone following on from the construction of the Hanger section of my space station. During this phase I will be spending a lot of time improving the gameplay mechanics and building out each level in a unique way.

Flight Paths | Design and implementation.


I started out on paper drawing out a series of squiggly lines. I struggled to find a balance at first as I wanted to challenge the player and force quick reaction times as well as creating tactics for movement. Several scrapbooks later I started researching military flight formations however these did not really fit the play style I was after.

After playing around in sketch I started to notice symmetrical patterns develop. This had a great feel and felt chaotic. I then proceeded to start flipping simple deigns that brought a whole new level of difficulty to the game.

Flight Paths | Wave spawning.


Follow the success of my flight paths in testing phase I need to find a viable solution for spawning in my enemy ships. I decided the best and probably more challenging method would be to use Wave Spawner's.

This added a level of challenge to the game play and felt very rewarding while enemy ships flew in formation spanning the entire screen.

Flight Paths | Projectiles.


Building on the bullet hell theme the projectiles were in need of a massive overhaul. If the combat sucks then the whole game sucks. I gathered a lot of feedback for friends and fellow gamers regarding the combat and one of the main things that stood out to me was the fact the combat needed to have a faster pace forcing the player to make snap decisions keeping them on their toes.


A few scripts later and the enemies now target the player ship.This had a great effect. I will be adding many projectile This area of the game is still a huge work in progress. There will be plenty more updates following on from this.

Ok guys this pretty much brings us up to speed on development so far. Feel free to drop your suggestions down in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
Cya in a few!