Sleep well Industry City and welcome Arena Defender

What happend to Industry City?

Yeah I know. I wrote a lot about it and I was always quite motivated. I really believed in Industry City. But one day I've reached a point where I realized how complex this project is. So I really questioned the game if it is a good idea to continue it. And I decided: it isn't. Why?

1. It would take too much time.

2. I think for my 2nd game it is too complex. I'm still missing some best practices in order to create such a complex game with that complexity.

3. It is hard to keep the motivation.

Of the points are influencing each other. During some weeks I only have the weekends (in worst case only the sunday) which I can use in order to work on my game. If I then have to spend a lot of time in finding best practices will reduce my outcome. Which means: on sunday evening I didn't had the feeling that I've been productiv.

One more thing to the first point:

I also like to start new projects. I don't want to write THE ONE game and maintain it forever. No. I spend enough time on work with maintaining (legacy) software. It still is my hobby - so it also should behave like such. And the good thing is: I'm my own boss. I can cancel project if I want :).

But how can you prevent starting a too complex project?

I think I've found at least one good tactic to do that. All you need is a playable prototyp of the game you make. And playable means: it really contains all the basic (=mvp) functionality. It might isn't fun because those parts are missing. But it would be something releasable.

... but Industry City HAD A PROTOTYPE!!!!

Yes, yes ... no. The prototype wasn't enough! It was a prototype for placing and updating buildings. But the gameplay is way more than this. At that point I just wasn't honest to myself. I wanted the prototype to be enough - but it wasn't finished.

Enough Industry City. What's about Arena Defender?

Arena Defender is a Tower Defender game. Minions are Walking from A to B and the player has to prevent this by placing towers. And in case when the player is blocking the way to the target a shot will be spawn destroying all towers crossing its way:


What's about the Prototype? What did he cover?

Nearly the whole MVP:

1. Pathfinding by using NavMeshes and updating them

2. Working with terrain

3. Minion detection for the Towers in a given range

4. Shooting and killing the Minions

5. Camera Controller

6. Minion Spawner (which increases the life points of minions during every wave)

7. Placing Tower via drag'n'drop

8. Blocked Minions attacked towers.

Differences between MVP and Prototype

The prototype doesn't have the same code quality. So many things were implemented quick'n'dirty. I was able to use a lot of code by copy&paste but I'd to refactor it. Also I wasn't using the ability of minions to attack the towers. I decided to spawn a big bullet to increase the punishement.

Also the prototype wasn't covering a game's lifecycle like game started and game over.

But the main differences for the players are:

1. The MVP looks more beautifull than the Prototype (but it still isn't beatuifull ^^).

2. The Prototype was kind of endless-game. And every round of the MVP will come to an end.

Getting Arena Defender

The MVP of Arena Defender is already available in the play store. I would really look for your feedback (either you could place a comment here or write me on discord). The link is:…tails?id=de.jfruit.arenad