"El Jibaron" Dev Log

Blog post 001:March 24 2019.......wow. Took a small hiatus in the course and this games. The hiatus was good;) but now I"M BACK in the game. My artis / client contact me recently and wants to finish the game i was making and that put a small excited / pressure for me that i'm happy for it. The Game it self is almost complete. I have to work on small stuff: finish the menu, logic game play, ads, etc. Pressure myself in t doing this blog since i don't want to loose the benefit of this community and to put into work all that i have learn with unity and what i have re-learn from the course.

First step:

See what i have already and fix some MAYOR error issue i have with the new update of Unity. Re-watch some vid to refresh some stuff. Looking forward to finish this.

Game concept: