Greetings everyone,

It been few weeks since my last post. It been a very slow month. I have been working to get some unique new models for my game. In Addition I took a break from the development and joined forces with Romi and ors373 to make a game for a game jam with the theme That Escalated Quickly. You can see and play my entry here named A Bad Day

Play it Here!

Enough for that lets go to the details about the progress. I worked a little bit to design a brand new Logo for my game. I wanted first to find a font that suited well. And then I really wanted to find some wings for the background. Just like in my previous game logo was wings and the name on front. My search around the web took a while but eventually I come across some good looking wings and I immediately jump into Gimp and started working on it. Took me few hours and tried couple of wings till I find the right one.

I am really happy with how it looks. Next I started polishing the game and implementing the new levels. So far for 1.0 version and final build before release I will have 10 levels. One to two in space. One that is above the ocean , one that its above a city. One that its in a canyon. Two more are going to be in some kind of alien world and one in a lava planet. More levels will probably come in the future when I think of something better.

I added more unique and fluent movement for enemies to move around the level. I created a path manager which creates visually the path and its easy to create the path you want your enemies to move. The AI script has few options as well.

Last but not least there were a lot of performance issues and bug appeared after reformat and re-downloading the project from the repository. Many assets were deleted had to re-import and many prefabs and game object got broken because of this. Also I was trying to improve the performance in lower end devices which is something I am struggling with.

That is all for the time being.

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