Caputer Screenshots from the Editor

I think all of us soon or late want to capture some screenshots. And we want to do this from within Unity3d.

In past I was doing this by:

- Capturing screenshot from Device

- Capturing a screenshot of Unity and cut out the editor window

Both approaches have some really overhead which is actually not necessary. I tried to find a problem and looked up google - thousand times. The only somehow usefull thing I found was this asset:…/instant-screenshot-24122

But it has two disadvantages:

1. It is outdated (= dead)

2. It only captures screenshots based on your camera. Sounds ok? Not if you are using a canvas. So our result looks like this:

So I've decided to write this whole function on my own. And it was quite easy:

You see: Quick'n'dirty but it works. Feel free to use it. The only thing you've to change is the destination path.

And the final result looks like this:

As you can see: my canvas is part of it - cause this way does not relay on any camera.

So - have fun with it.

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