Dev blog #13 Some More Progress

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another dev blog. The past few weeks I have been trying to rework a lot of aspect of the game Blaster 2. Do some organization of the project it self and make sure it is fun game to play. Before we continue watch a video to see how the game looks right now. It needs a lot of work still but it getting there slowly. Go watch it , I will wait.

Done? Good now let's jump into more details.

Firstly I went though the save and load system of the game. It wasn't working properly. I was trying to optimize the game and use Struct instead of class to improve the performance but I fall into a problem where I could not pass the PlayerData Around easily. I end up simplifying the PlayerData class to store only the necessary. Changing all this I went back to the ShipStat class which contains all the stats for all the ships including the enemies. Next I was trying to save and load each Level Progress ( Challenges) and finally the Mini Quest. After of weeks of frustration and lot of work I finally manage to fix them. I also fixed an issue where the Music and Sound Effect Slider in Options didn't work very well. Now it lower and increase the audio better. In addition I finally changed the Enemy Life overlay when you hit them to something better.

Now everything starts to come together and I can finally continue working and now i can continue working on more fun stuff like Boss Battles and more challenging enemies etc.

Finally , Here a comparison of the project from few months ago VS now. As you can see visually it a lot better .


That is all for this blog post. Till next time!