DevLog #3 - The project is not dead ... we are only slightly late.

Greetings to all. Hazardous Material 2 is still under development. The project had slowdowns and stops but Filippo and I promised ourselves to finish it as soon as possible.

As with so many non-professional "developers", work, family and life commitments sometimes keep us away from personal projects and these are the reasons that make us slow down or temporarily suspend development.

I'm getting married in a few days ;) and as you can imagine the preparations are many. :P

But I don't want to focus on what we don't do but on what has been done to take the project forward.

We are building a couple of levels set in an industrial setting. We intend to make a playable mini-prototype to try for getting feedbacks: we need to understand if we are going in the right direction and if what we do is fun and has potential for the players.

I made caracther selection screen and I'm currently assembling the graphics made by Filippo.

Instead of having complete and fixed backgrounds, we assemble a complete drawings using modular components that allow us to create and create what we need, with a lot of variations and personalizations.

During the period of inactivity from game develop, i was able to improve my code and programming skills in c# and I hope to be able to write code by applying more flexible and better optimized solutions ( the way I strongly recommend the course is really good!)

We made a first android apk to test the commands and see in practice how the game looked and we were satisfied with the result.

We are finalizing and defining in a simple and amusing way the whole story behind the characters and the evil doct. Molesto (Molesto in italian word mean "an harassing guy").

Our hope is that even the narrative part is fun and can make people appreciate the game, as much as we are having fun designing it.

I leave you some screen of the work in progress.







almost forget!!! .. Almost by chance I also made a small puzzle / card game that I would like to publish soon related to the world of hazaardous material. this "project-in-the-project" was born to test programming features and soon became a stand-alone game.

is inspired by the game "look, your loot" and "Dungeon Cards"

Next time i hope to link our demo and show you something.. We can make it!!

Please check arts and images in Filippo instagram page here! ->

You can find all the images in the gallery Hazardous Material 2 here: