Featured Day 2 - Graphics and DImensions

So even though I know it's common in modern times to block out levels in 320cm x 320cm chunks, I have decided to stick with 1m x 1m which was used in some old school 32-bit games (like Silent Hill).

In testing how fast I could actually create these graphics, as well as how much faster sticking with 1m x 1m chunks has been, it has become clear to me that having ambient occlusion as part of the textures and then fitting them onto surfaces as you would a tile map is rather time-consuming.

This takes tens of minutes to tile out but looks nice.

This takes a few minutes but not as good.

While the former would be better for actual production I think for the game jam it's overkill and requires too much time since I need to move on to other things.

Seeing here being tested in the game it doesn't seem to make a huge difference when actually running the game with dynamic lighting and SSAO. Time to move on.

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