DevLog #2 Who am I?

Created a First Person Player according to The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity Section 17 Player Setup.

I don't like using the First Person Character from the Standard Assets, for prototyping it is fine, but for my preccccciiioooouuuuusssss game, no.

"Where are you, mom? When I came home from school, you were gone. You left in a hurry, our lunch in a disarray of open bread, jam and margarine. I need your help with my costume for tomorrow night's Trick or Treating. What can be more important then that?" from "Trick or Treat, where is my mom?" Short story by Rona Hattingh

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  • So.....can we try the game? How did you approach the actual development of levels? What were your design ideas regarding the code and game techniques you wanted to use? Which direction did you start? Did you first created a whole 3D scene or wanted to add parts along the way when you started the player and see what it would encounter? etc? Let us know! Don't keep us in the dark! PLEASE!!!!

    • But...but...but I just started the project, there is nothing to play yet and all the ideas are still settled visually in my head. It is slowly trickling out in a creative streak. Hopefully all of it will be settled in my project by the end of the game jam, 15 October.

    • Oww... *snifs and walks away shuffling...* alright..if that is the way...

    • Awwwww, don't be miffed, I will definitely keep you updated. That is what these DevLogs are all about.:)