Featured DevLog #3 Basic Level Design Part 1 This will be my huntin ... I mean search grounds.

Decided to go in a tooney looney level design. Here is a basic terrain with a stone road insert and a 4 meter high, green vine wall. Also tested out a night skybox. Doesn't it look cool? Of course I am going to make it darker to unnerve Ryan, whahaha.

I worked my @#$% off on this house. Tried following a ProBuilder tutorial about House building Interior and Exterior, just before I gave up and deleted my 6th house, I got it right, Hoorah!

The next two houses were quicker to create. Added a fountain from the Asset Store and a mystery character. Good or Evil? We will have to see.

Wow, I love mountains, a beautiful background. The game is starting to look like something.

WHERE DID MY MOUNTAINS GO?!?!? The entrance to the game is starting to look ... good.

Basic level design for my "Witches Dead End Street from the top.

More areas and level design to follow in Part 2.

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