My first post on a blog .... absolutely I swear!

Greetings to all. It's difficult for me and particularly strange to write something here, I've never had a blog and I've never been a person particularly close to social media. (no facebook, no twitter.. ) ?(

I have always felt that no one could be interested in what I write and I also wonder now why I should tell what I do or what i think... (or who might be interested)

But this time I would like to change and write something, at least I can say "I tried".

And so here it is, a diary .. a blog .. thoughts scattered on a hobby that is becoming more and more interesting every day that passes and on an expectation of my life that has always been present (the programming of computers and video games).

So what can I say ... I will try to follow the precious suggestions that I read here, on GameDevHQ in the articles. I want improve, communicate and share more.

I am preparing a presentation for a couple of projects I would like to realize. A bit for joking and for fun. In the coming days I will present everything that is going through my head.

Thanks to those who want to follow my adventures and lose a few minutes to read what I write ... see you soon 8)

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  • Luckily I am able to filter out some of what is going on in my head, because I am pretty sure people who like rollercoasters would get seasick in mine! Happy to be part of the crowd that has read your very first blog! I stand with Ryan to sit (duh) and wait to see where this leads you and where your addition to this site leads us :D

    Welcome co-European and great job for your first dev-blog-post-thingy!

  • Looking forward to seeing where this takes you!