DevLog #4 Basic Level Design Part 2 Small, small, small ...

I never realised how much I enjoy Level Design until now.

1. Basic little cemetery. Look like there are two new fresh graves. Mmm, something to check out! :evil:

2,A basic little campsite at a nice looking cave entrance. I wonder what is inside the cave?

3. A basic little dungeon, or is it the Witches's head quarters?

4. A small cave system. This took a lot of work to make it presentable for my game. Unfortunately this is going to go first if I overload my game for WebGL.

5. What is this? Are the witches in cahoots with some aliens? Is this a landing port for alien ships?

I know my scope is too big again for the game jam, but I must say THIS WAS FUN TO CREATE!

Comments 2

  • Scope may be big but that looks cool.

    I don't think a lot of people realize that actual game and level design (not the coding, art, music, writing, or any other skill) is a skill all upon its own and as tough or tougher then many of the others.

    • Thank you. I agree, level design is a skill upon itself. It helps to tell the story of your game. The look of your level design can enhance or break your game.