A bunch of projects... (or hopes..)

Hi everyone, where do I start from? The projects (or the hopes ...) for the games that I would like to create and publish.

First project - Hazardous Material 2.

At the end of the Community Game Jam # 5, I decided that the game could be improved and enriched with other features and a more varied gameplay.

I received some feedback (... and contrary to what I was thinking), the game was a pleasure and has amused those who have tried it.

In the end it's what matters, having done something fun, that made spend a few moments of carefree.

My children played the game, trying to make the best score... This would have been enough for me ^^ but the incitement of many people made me think that I could do better and more beautiful game.

So I decided to think about a sequel: Hazardous Material 2

In this "work" I am getting help, for the whole artistic part, from my dear childhood friend: Filippo (if you want take a look he start a patreon page here)

Together we are sketching scenarios, characters, gameplay and all aspects of the game.


I decided to do more levels, review and rebalance the gameplay by adding 3 player characters with different abilities in play.

Our Inspiration is always to the "old and dear arcade games" from the 80s and 90s.



In these days I'm still improving the first original game with the help and advice of the GameDevHQ community (link to the post HERE ). It's a fantastic experience and I feel surrounded by fans like me, who love games, programming and the creative process of making a videogame.

What I will add in the first game will certainly be reported in the sequel and any improvement made will certainly affect the realization of the sequel.

Second Project: Petru the Boxer.

I do not even know how to describe it ... it all comes from a series of sketches I received, and as soon as I tried to animate the few frames on Unity I was invaded by a deep sympathy for this character (initially without name)

The idea of creating a little game of skill and reflexes flashed through me. 8o

I then drafted a little 'code and from what was born as a joke now I realize that it could be something more "organic" and complete.


Petru the boxer (this is the name of the this little overweight boxer :D) is therefore a mini-project that I carry on with the collaboration of my friend.

On his patreon profile you find more sketches and studies done for the boxer. (chek the link up, is worth it... is a really good artist!!)


The game is in the process of being created but I have already drafted a mini-game in which Petru must hit the targets that comes and at the same time he have to defend itself against direct hits. (like rhythm games in which the right key is pressed at the right time).


Regarding this project and its development I will post as soon as possible other images and details, for now it is a draft !!

I Hope you like it, let me know your opinions!!

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