Trick or Treat, where is my mom? - NIGHTMARE (All-in-one-devlog).

After many obstacles with my original game jam entry, I decided to create a smaller game with elements of the older one. Concentrating on the theme of the Game Jam - Jump Scares.

My idea, a nightmare, before the main story begins, a prediction of what is going to happen?

Your mom is already becoming a ghostly figure. Will you ever find her?

So, something to read while you wander around waiting to have your socks scared of your feet.

All I can say is "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Seriously, don't let them catch you.

I hope everyone enjoys this little pad of nightmares I have put together for you! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!! Whahahahah!

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  • Wow, seems really a dark and haunted place!! I hope I can play it soon !!

    • I hope so too. There were so much more I wanted to do, but I ran out of time.