Soul Eater

It was a time of darkness, anyone with magic was being hunted down by the Soul Eaters. Six of the strongest and most skillful Magi came together to create a creature to dominate the Soul Eaters.

They stole a pure soul from the "Well of Origin" to inhabit their vessel of organic bone and flesh.

Their creation however came with an unexpected flaw, due to their limitations their creation had to start life as an infant and grow up at the rate of a normal human child.

Despite their best efforts the Magi were unable to survive long enough to bear the fruits of their labor, one by one they were picked off by hunters to be fed to soul eaters.

The last Magi hid the vessel in the farthest reach of Etriyyae. With the passage of time their creation grew to be a child of six years, the village chosen by the old Magi was remote enough that the barest rumors of war made it there, however... darkness crept closer.

Account from an anonymous villager:

"They took him to the middle of the market place, our herbalist, bound and bloodied. The hunter in charge blew a black unicorn's horn, the sound cutting through ear and bone. After a short wait, a hooded man appeared out of the darkness with his cloak billowing behind him. He was greeted by bloody spit, but gave no reaction.

The hooded man forced the herbalist's mouth open and appeared to kiss him, only for our herbalist to struggle until he struggled no more. all that was left was a body, alive, but without any soul.

I held the child back, closing my hand over her mouth, shushing her. Dragging her with me after the loud command to return to our homes. After calming her and putting her in bed, I opened the letter that was shoved in my hand early that morning, visiting the herbal hut .

First the words danced inside my head, but gradually they started to form sense, making my heart beat at double pace. I now have the responsibility to raise the future of this world, may the gods help me."

My name is Zrina and this is my story.

"My childhood was adequate, there were no coin for luxuries but I always had a roof over my head, clothing on my back and a full stomach. My guardian wasn't a tender man, a kind word something to be earned. When the glass of clear liquid became more and more visible during supper, then lunch and later breakfast, I turned a blind eye.

I met a boy, who became a man, a friend, a lover and my husband. Our wedding ... a dream, turned nightmare. A spoken word turned deadly.

I forgive you, uncle. I know the secrets you let slipped that faithful day, must have slowly eaten you up from inside, but it meant the end of my world as I knew it.

They must have kept an eye and ear on us, it didn't take long for them to appear. The horrible sounds of tearing flesh and bloody screams will forever live in my dreams and nightmares.

I ... I did nothing, everything played out in slow motion in front of me, until ... you reached out to me, Your beloved face a red mask. I caught you and we both fell to the ground. Your lips silent forever, your eyes dead.

I could feel it then, the pressure, it was pushing and shoving. It wanted to be free and I stood up and let it.

It burst forth with a torrent of bright light, devouring everything in its way. Nothing was left but the deafening quiet, I came to my senses and wrestled to get control of this thing inside of me. Disbelieve, shock, grief and anger pushed it down and locked it away. Slowly I looked around.

I stood alone."

Short story by Rona Hattingh ( Open World RPG, Single Player, Goal - Save the world)

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  • WhaaaaAAAAAaaaat. You plan to make this a game? WHATWHAT!

    • Lol, don't all game developers have that secret, amazing, wonderful, humongous, gigantic, impossible open-world RPG they want to create (hopefully in their lifetime)?

      I took part in a character-creation-challenge this past 4 days and one of the things I had to create was a backstory for my main character, I took all my floating ideas about my open-world RPG and weaved it into Zrina, the heroine, or is she? I like an anti-hero best.

      I am also still playing around with the idea of the player, will you play Zrina or will you be an unknown element in the game.

    • yeeeeeaaaaa... I totally have mine, called the Eris Chronicles. hahahaha. Ill have to write about it eventually. Anti heros are awesome if done right!