Featured DevLog #1 Darkness was upon the face of the downtrodden and the helpless ...

The concept of Patient Zero.5 was born out of envy and challenge.

The above sentence will stop some people in their tracks. Envy? Challenge? Yes, envy and challenge, because I saw other game developers move on to their next big project and I had ... nothing ... a big, round zero.

I am a beginner "game developer" hobbyist and I followed the road of "start small, keep your scope small, make a lot of small games", which I did, with game jams and small games created for fun and for the enjoyment of family and friends. Now, I feel, it is time to move on, try something bigger and increase my scope to a larger field of creation. A survival horror FPS. Some of you would say, " You bit off more then you can chew." Maybe, but here is where the challenge come in. I challenged myself to at least complete the first basic level of my game and all of its planned mechanics in two months. (If I can do that, what is there to hinder me from finishing the rest of the project? (psychological warfare on myself :evil:)).

When I was busy with the game jam "Jump Scares", my son saw me working and was impressed with my progress. He told me, the next game I should make should be a "The Forest" clone (we both are nuts about this survival horror game). I scoffed at the suggestion, but I put the seed of this idea away in a dark corner of my mind.

After my green streak of envy, I took this seed out and I started nursing and watering it into a full blown game idea and Patient Zero.5 was born.

The name, Patient Zero.5, did not get any support from my family and friends. i tried finding other names, but they were just not right. To me personally, Patient Zero.5 represents the core of the story line, A bombshell that needs to be found by the player. So, I thickened my "sensitive skin" and stuck with the title "Patient Zero.5"

The crow (which I am using as a symbol with the Patient Zero.5 title) has an interesting, mythological background, which I think will contribute to the dark undertone of the game.

The game design document for Patient Zero.5 has been created (there are still some missing parts, but I am slowly filling it in) and is the lifeblood of any game, no matter how small or big.

Thank you for reading this "longish-history-of-the-making-of-not-so-much-of-a-devlog-yet" written piece about Patient Zero.5, a 3D survival horror FPS.

Next time; DevLog #2 The creation of the rooms in our first level in Patient Zero.5.

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  • Congratulations on finding your project. I am sure that, whatever you will come up with, it will be worth a close look!

    I am eager to follow your devlog :)

  • "...because I saw other game developers move on to their next big project and I had ... nothing ... a big, round zero." That sounds painfully familiar :( I hope it all works out for you and you'll create something you can be really proud of. :)

  • Look forward to checking it out Romi! Best of luck, and as a fellow starting game dev I will draw inspiration from you.

  • Hey Romi, This is a great blog !!!! Can't wait to see the final game ! Best of Luck !!!

  • Good Luck Romi!! Keep going and don't give up!

    • Thank you, I will keep going and not give up. Busy with single door, double door and slide door mechanics. :) The master-keycard doesn't work on all the doors.