DevLog #1 - And we go... start to develop the sequel!!

Hi all!!!

After a period of inactivity, I wanted to share with the community the official start of the development of Hazardous Materials 2!!!! ;)

In fact, although nothing was "practical" in this last month, I carried out a series of ideas with my friend and colleague Filippo on how to develop the new game and what kind of gameplay to introduce in the sequel.


We decided to keep the artistic line constant, so the game will always be a tribute to the arcade games from the 90s. (pixel art, feeling from arcade cabinet, etc.)

The game will be "more of the same" than the previous chapter and will contain variations on the basic game. There will be a story mode, which we hope will amuse and excite.

You will be able to choose between 3 different characters with unique features and capabilities that will vary (slightly) the gameplay and style of play.

For now I can not show much, all the work so far done has the characteristic of "placeholder" and draft.


We have promised to complete a demo version that can be played by the end of the year 2018 / beginning of January 2019 and I hope to be able to better manage our time (increasingly rare and precious).

I hope you want to follow our work, totally guided by the passion and joy of being able to see something of ours come to life.

For extra info and more arts and screenshots, you can check also my (new..) instagram profile HERE and also the Filippo's instagram page HERE

Greetings and see you soon !!