DevLog #2 "Dr. Jeffrey Zonder saw all that he had made, and it was very good ... "

I cannot believe it is already about 2 weeks since my last devlog, time flies when you are having fun. I have made a lot of progress and I hope it continues to be fruitful. Let's see what is new:

  1. Most doors are working, except the exit door(which will lead to the next scene), the code/ animation for the freezer door and the sliding doors need more work, because when you don't enter or leave as expected, the doors close and you are stuck in the cells (foooorrrreeevvvveeerrr).
  2. Level design is 95% done, just need to add things here and there that will promote the story line and will awake your appetite to know more about "WHAT the hell is going on?"
  3. Implemented a few simple Enemy AI, the rest I am storing and working on in the Freezer. (Seriously, I am not joking, they are "idling" in the Freezer, waiting for me to upgrade their AI).
  4. Ventilation system is created and the teleport script works perfectly, I adapted it from 2D to 3D (Ok, not much of an adaption, the script was perfect from the start).
  5. Added a lot of sound effects, every pick up has its own sound. The player has three different kinds of "I am getting hurt" SFX, which are played randomly when attacked.
  6. Player can pick up a melee weapon, baseball bat. (Those bullets are not unlimited, you know.)
  7. Oops I forgot the most important part, a friend of a friend, which hopefully makes him my friend, is working on the "UI look" for my game. I love it, my work looked like Google PNG images. his just look wonderful.

What will I be looking at this week? Well ...

  1. The baseball bat, it needs further work at the moment exchanging the pistol for the baseball bat, animations and damage control.
  2. Letting the player meet up with a second type of enemy.
  3. Working on the story line and adding "stuff" to promote it.

Hope you guys enjoy the preview and i will see you next time. :)

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