DevLog #3 Dr. Anne Balfourd's memo, “Let's increase in number on this earth our own creations.”

Another week has passed and despite problems with electricity and tiredness, I did progress.

1. Improving the UI look of the game.

2. Added an inventory box, which shows the player's pick ups.

3. Extra weapon, baseball bat with swing animations, sound effects and damage.

4. Extra enemy, Monster 1, with idle, walk, attack and death animation, also causing damage to the player.

5. Added an item/ decal/ new action text to the game.

What will I be working on this week? Well, it depends on South Africa's load shedding schedule (electricity grid is about to implode is the rumour) on how much work I get done.

1. Adding to the inventory box. See if buttons can switch between weapons.

2. Improving my enemy AI, making sure it doesn't move through tables and walls, a very unfair advantage.

3. Working to see if I can get the player health system working, medicine bottles can help with health increase.

4. Exit door - "Load to next scene". (Next level)

5. Maybe some dialogue/ subtitles will be in order. (Oooooh, yes, now I can discover how much I suck at "voice over" acting)

Thank you for bearing with me, see you next time. 8o

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  • Whaaaat, does that zombie actually grab on to you? Either way this is awesome progress.

    • Lol, yes, I had to shorten the attack trigger so that he can grab on to you. It looked weird when he grabbed the air in front of the player. A lot of playtesting went into it to get it to look right. Thank you Ryan. I hope I can keep up the good progress. My cut off date is the end of the month.

    • :O Cut off date, what happens then? :O

    • Then I know I will finish the rest of the project, already set out 6 levels to complete, the last level being an island. Each level will be building on the last one with the story line, enemies, objectives, weapons etc.

      If I don't make the cutoff date, I am going to cry, because I failed the challenge (Challenge to complete the first level of my game). (But don't worry, I will extend the date, if I don't make the cutoff date. Love this project too much to let it go :))