Dev Blog #8 Today Topic is the User Interface!

Hello everyone ! Can't believe that I got featured. I am happy that people Like what I am trying to build here. This gives me motivation to keep working and finish this project. If i continue like this I might be able to have something next year ! No promises though. Anyway to this week blog topic.

This week topic will be the User Interface for my upcoming mobile game. I want to thanks everyone who helping me on this project. Big Shoutout to Hagyto   danimarti who helped me make the right decisions.

Here a preview of how it will look like :

This video showcase the main screen of the game. The first thing the player will see. There is a Preview of the Ship that the Player Selected ( In the future I will have multiple Ship to select with advantages and disadvantages) and bellow there will be Objectives (Dailies) that the player will have to complete to earn coins and xp. On the Upper corner you can show the Menu which will have some extra options. You can enter the high score screen and the options menu where you can change various gameplay and game settings. The Editor Mode I had the idea to be able to Customize the Ship with your own colors so you can make your own, I am not sure if this is going to end up in the final build but might come in the future ( I will definitely want to add some customization in the future).The Menu I tried many other ways to do it. Like slide on the Right corner , Having it on Top and a status bar. But none of those looked and function really well. And after few try and error and made the right changes to it.

Now when you press Play you can select which mission you want to start . Each mission then will have its own briefing to tell you a bit about the Story This is still work in progress so what you will see in the video might change in the final build. I used json to load each of the missions title and descriptions and all I do is Check how many missions In the json file and Load the title. If the buttons for missions is more than the length of the missions in the json then it automatically set the text to Not Available. This way it more dynamic to add more missions in the future and change the title and descriptions easier .

Now About the Shop I tried to make it easy to navigate,readable and Minimalistic as possible:

you have a list of all the available Upgrades for the ship. You can buy them by clicking to the one the player needs and can afford. Each upgrade can be upgraded X amount of times which each time will give you extra power. Each Upgrade will be locked and you will need to reach x Level to unlock it. This is not implemented yet nor the coin is not updated yet. I used scriptableobject to make it easier to add and remove upgrades from the list. This way I can add new stuff and can balance the game a lot easier.

That is all for the Interface. So far I really like how it look and depending on the feedback I get I will make the appropriate changes. Thanks you all for your support. The User Interface needs some more work but I think right now it slowly start to take a good shape. When the UI is done and functional I will start working on the boss battles and make some more enemies. Till Next Time.

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  • Dude! Sweet UI! my only 2 cents is that the options that pop up in the first video where it provides the settings button feels a bit stretched and pix elated on the edges. It may do better to not be a beveled menu, just nit picking though. Looks great dude this is exciting.

    • Thanks :D any feedback is welcome! the settings is still wip :) Also I haven't add any animations yet as well. I am glad you like it!

  • Your interface looks amazing, GamerUrso. I really hope to play this project next year.