DevLog #4 "Anne is the greater light to rule the day and Hella is the lesser light to rule the night." Dr. Jeffrey Zonder's opinion on the sisters.

I got a lot done this week, maybe to do with the fact that I am on holiday. ...No, don't get jealous, I am sure your holiday will be here soon too

1. If you keep an eye on the "Programming" part in the Community Section, you would see I needed help to make my inventory box work, thanx to LuckyDucky10, Battledrake and Papimaoui I could get the scripts to communicate with each other and the rest is history. Now my health system is up and running. ...Now to find all those hidden bottles of medicine.

2. Typing about the Inventory Box, I got the weapon switching working too. When you pick up the baseball bat, two buttons appear in the inventory box, a pistol button and a baseball bat button, you can use these 2 buttons to switch between your weapons. ... no more worries about finding ammo, just keep out of reach of the monster's grasp while you bash its head in with your trustworthy wooden bat.

3. I created the way for the player to leave this level, but couldn't test it yet, because ... the door to leave is in the freezer and as you know, the code panel of the freezer door doesn't work ... yet.

4. I implemented "Navmesh" for my enemy AI to hinder it from moving through walls and objects:


5. Created an opening scene, but that can still improve. .. tried voice over, my daughter and I suck, so we left it out for now.

As you can see, it looks more and more like a playable game 8o

So what to look forward to for next time:

1. I definitely want to look into NPC's, that means getting the UMA system up and running.

2. More dialogue.

3. More sound effects, especially some monster/ creature SFX.

4. Extend the ventilation system.

5. Most important of all, getting the infection-thirst-hunger effects working so you can start using those water bottles, apples, tins and syringes. :evil:

Thank you for reading my devlog. I will see you guys after Christmas with more updates.

Happy holidays and a merry Christmas! <3

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  • It looks great Romi!

    I'll be needing someone to do voice overs eventually too. I was thinking about commissioning someone off Fiverr again.

    • Thank you, Ryann. And thank you for the info, I will see at a later date if I cannot commission someone to do a voice over for me too.