DevLog #2 - An important change in the artistic choice of the game

Greetings to all.

It's been a long time since the last update, I apologize for this. Anyone who knows me knows how little "social" I am, due to the little habit of using forums and blogs.:rolleyes:
I would like to update the status on the development of Hazardous Materials 2. (hazmat2 from now to shorten ...)
First of all there was a choice that changed the artistic style of the game: we decided to move to an entirely hand-drawn, "comic / grotesque" graphics, abandoning the retro-pixel art style.


The reasons for the change were many: as the sketches of the game were created we realized how immediate it was to produce and visualize in a simple way the story, the characters and all other images: everything simply took place immediately, on the contrary, to obtain the same result with a pixel art graphic, a greater effort was needed that was lengthening the times, giving results that did not satisfy us.


The "spirit" and the feeling of the game remained unchanged, it will always be a frenetic arcade that we hope will thrill the players at least as much as it is exciting us in the design and implementation.

We are creating a complete story, the game will have a whole "story mode" in which you will face an adventure between different levels, there will always be an "endless" mode in which to achieve your own record score.

There will also be some interludes of game, with mini-games together with the characters of the game, but I'll tell you about this one more time.


We are almost there!! A first part of assets created for a playable test level has been over, we are assembling the parts, rewriting a new piece of code and building a test level for all the tests.

During these Christmas holidays, I certainly know that I have more time to work and I can dedicate myself to completing the test level.

This level will be the start to try some game mechanics and different modes. Everything has been designed to be modular, expandable and customizable as desired.



Soon I will be able to show you more, I planned to realize in the next posts a first glimpse of the gameplay, the presentation of the playable characters, the evil "nemesis", the history and the background of the adventure we have designed and much more.

If you want to stay updated on developments and follow the fantastic designs that are made you can follow the Instagram profile at THIS LINK!!

I take this opportunity to greet all the community that is following us, all of you happy Christmas holidays and happy new year !! ^^^^

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