Going public and a dream was created

Going public is my first fear to get over. Always been shy and critical of myself. But I guess thats why I love games so much and why I want to develop games. Games brings people out of their shell. Explore new worlds, bring on an adventure, re live 8-bit days, meet other players, and just release themselves from a tireless real world day. I have made casual games but I wanted to challenge myself with something big. My supportive husband bought an art asset for me to use in whatever game I wanted to create. As I was strumming through all this beautiful medieval assets, it dawned on me I cant find a good RTS on mobile. Even my kids and friends cant find one. Thus the challenge and the idea was born. Now I needed a name, after inquiring with family and going through alot and I mean ALOT of names; I settled on Warforce Empire. Ok now that I knew what I was going to create and the name, I knew I had to write out the game design. This is no hyper casual game you can create on the flow. Alright, Now its time to set out my goal for the upcoming weeks. OK fellow readers now that I caught you up :). Here is the goals and challenges I face this week:

*Create the basic terrain to start on

*Have all the buildings built - House, Lumbermill, Barracks, Castle, Farm, Towers (Basic arrow and Wizard Fireball)

*Get LumberJack functional- this was my biggest challenge I faced in coding. Wanted him to find the nearest tree and start chopping then rinse and repeat automatically. Be able to select and move him

* Tree functional- Health added and be destroyed after it reaches 0

*House functional- Health added and be destroyed at 0 also implement explode animation script(The talented artists Im using for my art gave me a explode building script to use)

*LumberJack UI finished- 5 food and 1 person to train

*Finish GUI - I learned this is important to finish early so you can see how the layout is going to be

Next week Goals and Challenges are: Build the enemy city, Enemies AI functional(All logic complete), Create the unique boss for this level, Get the spawn and nav to the player base working, Some enemies will guard their city and some will make their way in waves to the player city.

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